4 Atlanta Men Arrested After Lululemon Snatch & Grab Robbery

First, it was the Atlanta Water Boys, and now we have the Lululemon Bandits…

4 Atlanta men, Quintavious Gooch, Nicholas Lynch, Braylon Shivers, and Bayo Allen were arrested after stealing $7000 worth of merchandise from Lululemon in Peachtree City in South Metro Atlanta.

According to witnesses, the four men ran into the Lululemon store, grabbed arm fulls of merchandise, and ran out.

The crime took place at The Avenue Peachtree City Shopping Center on Monday (April 24), and a shopper assisted police in the arrest by taking pictures of the masked men and their getaway car.

Lieutenant Chris Hyatt said they received multiple phone calls from concerned citizens.

We started receiving multiple phone calls from concerned citizens that saw four individuals with hoods and masks come running out the front of our Lululemon location with loaded-down arms full of merchandise, get into an SUV, and tear out of the parking lot.

Within minutes, the Peachtree City police tracked down the red Subaru SUV in the parking lot of another shopping center.

The license plate had been changed, but the police used technology to ensure they had the correct vehicle.

They blocked the car in and arrested the four masked men.

The four men were charged with felony shoplifting and misdemeanor marijuana possession, and they were also charged with the stolen license plate.

The men range in age from 26 to 19.

The Lululemon corporate office reported to the Peachtree City Police that the same four men wearing the same clothing were responsible for a similar snatch-and-grab at another Metro-Atlanta Lululemon the night before.

Watch the Fox 5 Atlanta news report below:

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