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Swizz Beats congratulated his wife, Alicia Keys, for being the highest selling R&B artist of the decade.

In the video, Swizz playfully gets on Alicia for not telling him about the great honor and having to find out for himself.

He praises her for selling 16 million albums worldwide, which is truly amazing!

Swizz said it’s off of one album, which is somewhat confusing because I know Alicia has released more than one album in 10 years.

Perhaps Swizz had a little too much of the wine they tossed with.

I’ve always been an Alicia Keys fan, her voice is amazing, and her spirit is infectious.

There is some bonus footage at the end of the video with Swizz & a friend riding in a car listening to that new Nas, Kings Disease.

Watch the video below:

Are you an Alicia Keys fan?