Drake - Charlamagne Tha God (1)

Drake took to his Instagram Story and unleashed on Charlamagne Tha God for being “obsessed” with him. 

Slime You Out

During the most recent episode of his “Brilliant Idiots” podcast with Andrew Schultz, Charlamagne said, “Nobody cared,” when Drake released his new single, “Slime You Out,” featuring SZA

Drake put out a song last Friday and nobody cared. The Drake and SZA record. It came out last Friday and people just started talking about the lyrics yesterday.

I’m in the group chat and I’m like, ‘Damn, Drake put out this record on Friday and people just getting to the lyrics on a Monday?’

That’s not Drake-like! He’s going to be fine, regardless.

I just think that it’s…also you look at the album cover and you hear the title –  For All My Dogs – I think we were looking for something a little bit more harder. 

Drake Blasts Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne’s opinion of “Slime You Out” definitely hit October’s Very Own in the feels.

The Certified Lover Boy took to his Instagram Story and dedicated a few posts to “The Breakfast Club” co-host.

Drake accused Charlamagne Tha God of being “obsessed” with him and he called him an off-brand Morris Chestnut

Are you okay Lenard?? You kinda weirding me out g.

Like you really obsessed with me or something for years like you look in the mirror and wish you saw my reflection type s****….

whatever you gotta do to let it out I’m sure your 435 loyal fans will stand by you ya f***ing goof.

See the original posts below.

Morris Chest-not Reacts 

Charlamagne Tha God facetiously reacted to Drake’s shade during Monday morning’s episode of “The Breakfast Club.” 

Watch the clip below. 

I just want to know if Drake has apologized to Halle Berry yet…

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