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Halle Berry is providing clarity on her issue with Drake using her photo to promote his new single, “Slime You Out,” featuring SZA.

When I initially reported Halle was upset, many people questioned why he simply didn’t ask for her permission to use the photo.

Halle Berry Said ‘NO’

Well, the Oscar-winning actress is now saying Drake did ask for her permission to use the photo, she said, “No,” and he used it anyway.

When a commenter asked, “Why you mad,” Halle responded:

Cuz he asked me and I said NO that’s why. Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do! That was the f**k you to me. Not cool You get it? ❤️

See the original exchange below.

Halle Berry - Drake (1)

She told another commenter:

He did have his people call my people and I said NO. I didn’t like that image of slime all over my face in association with his song. And he chose to do it anyway! You see… that is the disrespect. Not cool!

See the original post.

Halle Berry - Drake

To add insult to injury, Halle Berry doesn’t even know what “Slime You Out” means. (Neither do I.)

Halle Berry - Slime You Out

Luckily for Drake, Halle has no intention of suing him over the use of the photo.

She wrote:

I’m not interested in suing my people. I just wish these men out here would give women the respect we deserve.

See her original post below.


At the very least, Drake owes Halle Berry a public apology.

But, he seemingly doesn’t care considering the fact that the photo is still posted on his Instagram page.

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