CeCe Peniston viral video

CeCe Peniston set the streets of Instagram on fire over the weekend after she dropped a pearl-clutching clip from one of her shows!

In the video, the 54-year-old singer, who has given us classic hits like “Finally,” “Keep On Walkin’,” and “We Got A Love Thang,” is seen on stage with a man vigorously hunching her from behind.

Watch the clip below.

There was a mixed bag of reactions to the video from CeCe’s show.

Many were amused by the shenanigans while many others thought the display was distasteful.

One ICC Friend commented, “I don’t find this funny.. I have so many questions??! It doesn’t look like she is enjoying this😬😬🫣

Another ICC Friend wrote, “Did she think she was at home in her bedroom? Cause this is definitely a bedroom move! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

CeCe Peniston stopped by the Ice Cream Convos Instagram page to respond to the chatter surrounding her video.

Y’all need to loosen up it was for “fun” and I’m “fully clothed “and yes I enjoyed it 😂 , in fact please let all the holier than thou people raise their hand.

See her original comment below.

CeCe Peniston reaction

Who knew CeCe Peniston was giving it up like this at her shows?!

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