Drake - Slime You Out - For All The Dogs

Drake has released his new single, “Slime You Out,” featuring SZA

The single is featured on the rapper’s highly anticipated eighth studio album, For All The Dogs, which is slated to be released on September 22, 2023. 

Drake and SZA sent the internet into a frenzy when they teased the collaboration by using a photo of Halle Berry getting slimed at the 2012 “Kid’s Choice Awards.”

On “Slime You Out,” Drake sings:

You b**ches really get carried away

Makin' mistakes then you beg me to stay

Got me wiggin' on you like I'm Arrogant Tae

You got my mind in a terrible place

Whipped and chained you like American slaves

Act like you not, used to Sheraton stays

I met the ni**a you thought could replace

How were there even comparisons made?

B**ch, next time, I swear on my grandmother grave

I'm slimin' you for them kid choices you made

Slimin' you out, slimin' you out, slimin' you out

Ayy, this ain't the littest, I could get on you b**ches

SZA adds:

You tellin' these hoes you ain't trickin' off

But with me you know, I'm gon' get it all

How you ni**as get so carried away?

Trippin' when that d**k gets barely third place

F**ked out of pity, it's cute that you lame

Damn, 'cause there's men that can fake liking sex

Listen to Drake’s “Slime You Out” featuring SZA below.

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