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Kim Burrell Tells Everyone To ‘Relax’ After Tyrese Revealed She Had Double Pneumonia & Asked For Donations

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Gospel great Kim Burrell took to the streets of social media and implored everyone to “relax” after Tyrese revealed she was suffering from double pneumonia.

Over the weekend, the singer and Fast X star took to Instagram and expressed great concern for his “mother” and said he was “freaking out” after learning of her condition.

He also asked people to donate money to Kim to help cover her medical bills, but if that wasn’t an option, Tyrese solicited prayers for her.

Tyrese wrote in the now-deleted post (excuse his typos…he was upset):

Just three weeks ago mother was in the best of spirits. I just got a call today that brought me to tears

stepmother has pneumonia and both of her lungs I’m freaking out I don’t know what to do a center 15,000 to cover whatever medical bills

if you know Kim, you have a relationship with her you can’t donate money that’s fine but just please prayer warriors stop everything you doing and send the most sincere and beautiful prayer for the breakthrough that mama Kim can get to the other side of this unexpected health crisis.

I am worried. I’m in tears. This is my mother and whatever prayers and advice you can give let’s get it done!

She had to cancel five shows and she stressed out about it, but I just wanted to have more than enough money to where she don’t have to worry about shows if she could just focus on resting and recovering because this world has already became a different place because of Kim Burrell and we want to keep it that way.

I love you mother. I hope I didn’t make you mad from putting up this post, but there’s so many of us out here that love you and let’s do whatever it takes to get you back on.

On Sunday evening, Kim Burrell posted a photo of herself along with the caption, “Good late evening. I’m so happy to report that all is well🙏🏾. As most of you know, there’s NOTHING that @tyrese wouldn’t say or do for me. Everybody please relax and continue to pray for my recovery.♥️. I love you all.”

She returned to social media the following day and implored people who were overly concerned about her well-being to “relax.”

Kim also added that Tyrese can’t keep a secret.

See her posts below.

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

I’m glad to see Kim Burrell is on the mend and for Pete’s sake…don’t tell Tyrese anything that he can use to draw attention to himself.

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