Tyrese pulls text messages receipts - DJ Envy - Gia Casey
Tyrese via Instagram

Instead of “throwing in the tile” and leaving well enough alone, Tyrese is back in the streets of the internet with text receipts in an effort to prove he didn’t disrespect DJ Envy’s wife, Gia Casey.

Last week, the R&B singer and Fast & Furious star appeared on “The Breakfast Club” to promote his new album, but things took a turn for the awkward when he and DJ Envy hashed out their differences on air. 

Long story short, Envy said he stepped back from Tyrese after the singer disrespected his wife back in 2017 when he was allegedly out of his mind on Rexulti. 

Envy told Tyrese, “You deserved for me to box your mouth.”

Tyrese took to his Instagram page on Monday and displayed old text messages between himself and Gia dated August 2022. 

It appears the “Sweet Lady” singer was using the old text messages to prove that Gia hadn’t blocked him, that she was still communicating with him, and that there was no bad blood between them.

As Tyrese displayed his receipts, it immediately became clear that he was doing most of the texting and Gia would sporadically respond with one or two words. 

In the text thread to Gia Casey, Tyrese wrote (in August 2022):

Please please call me with Envy on the phone it’s very very important

I just heard something

I just heard him clearly

And I wanna tell you BOTH

Please call me

If he’s free please call me on 3way


Gia: No response. 

Tyrese texted again – sending pictures of his new car. 

Gia: No response.

Tyrese texted again with information about a vacation spot. 

Gia simply responded, “Absolutely beautiful.”

Tyrese called out DJ Envy and said he was a liar because he had been communicating with him and his wife when he was allegedly blocked by them.

Watch the video (before it’s deleted) below.

If you go back to the interview on “The Breakfast Club,” DJ Envy said he blocked Tyrese – he never said Gia did.

There is no trace of Envy in Tyrese’s text receipts.

As a matter of fact, where are the text messages from 2017 when the disrespect allegedly occurred?

Why is Tyrese showing text messages from five years later when Gia is clearly trying to be cordial at the very least?

Narcissism got some folks in a chokehold.

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