Tyrese Gibson Gets Vulnerable On ‘Sway’s Universe’ About His ‘Beautiful Pain’
Tyrese Gibson via YouTube

Tyrese Gibson recently visited “Sway’s Universe” and opened up about a few personal issues while promoting his new song “Beautiful Pain,” which he calls his truth.

This is not a song bashing a woman. 

This is not me trying to teach this woman a lesson.

This is my truth. This is my story.

I was never close to my family so when I got married to Samantha that became a world within a world that I never had before her.

I was on my way home to fight for my marriage, we had a couple little arguments, nothing anything that would ever warrant ‘I’m out!’

You remember when Kobe Bryant, Rest In Peace, died?… We was in L.A. 

I mainly live in Atlanta so during the winter ATL temperature drops so I packed up the whole family, housekeepers, nannies, the whole squad, I was like, ‘We out!… We going to L.A…’ Where I was born and raised.

Probably two months after we got there we woke up to the news that Kobe died, and he died, like, four exits away from where I lived.

I couldn’t go to the crash site I was devastated. 

You know, I’ve been knowing Kobe… I think we literally got on the same year.

And Kobe took Brandy, ah… Brandy took Kobe to her prom as prom date, and me and Brandy have been the best of friends since we were 11, 12 years old.

So I’ve been knowing Kobe for many moons, many years, we ain’t best friends I’m not painting that picture, but I was devastated uh with the loss, his wife, his children, just everything.

And I’m an empath, I’m an alpha, but I’m an empath, I feel everything.

So, fast-forward after the tragedy of Kobe and all of this negativity and this cloud of confusion that happened after we lost the homie.

Then something called Covid hit. Then some sh*t called quarantine hit, and we just stuck at home.

Now quarantine for most look very different than mine, and I’m very aware of it. We were stuck at home. House is nice, chef is there, Nanny’s on deck, and this is after I woke up to child abuse claims, and the psych meds, and what more do you want from me and everything that my marriage had to survive.

We had only been married for a year, and woke up to all that goofy sh*t.

And it took over our marriage and took over the vibrations of our marriage. 

But quarantine changed the vibrations of my marriage for the better. Some people was in quarantine and everything that you never had time to address, peel back that rug mother f***er it’s cracking!

You remember when you told me?… And remember when my cousin?… All that sh*t came out, which is why so many people are divorced right now because some of us have purposely been too busy to address the sh*t that’s really on our mind.

And quarantine brought it all out. Quarantine for me was able to help me to hit the reset button on my marriage.

We were on Instagram every Friday doing date night. We had Eric Benet and Tamia to do their duet “Spend My Life With You,” which was our first dance at our marriage. 

When we got married we had Brian McKnight on there, we had the gospel singer, Jonathan McReynolds, the pop-up.

So 10 months of quarantine didn’t need the money, stuck at home, no flights, no meetings, no Zoom.

Never heard of Zoom before quarantine, changed my life, changed the vibrations of my marriage that I was in, needed, God must’ve knew, In my case.

In order to hit the reset button on your marriage, sit down, pause, pour into your family, pour into your marriage, nothing else matters.

If you try and make something else matter I took it all away… rest, sleep, no flights, no travel, no grind, no nothing, right here!

Then, after 10 months of date night, sex, love, marriage, rest button, rest, recovery, restoration, everything!

We get on our first flight, back to Atlanta where I live. I arrive 6 AM in the morning, Father’s Day, God put it on my heart to do music again.

Since I’d been with Samantha she’s never seen me get into music mode. She married Denzel Washington. 

You can’t marry Denzel Washington then file for divorce when he get in character for a movie.

You can’t marry a basketball player and then divorce him when he gets up at 4 AM to go practice.

She married a singer, she married a recording artist, a successful one at that. So I get in my zone when it comes to doing music. 

I’m in the house we’re editing, we’re writing videos, we got directors there, we did a video that starred my lady, Samantha, as my leading lady called ‘Black Excellence’ featuring Rick Ross…

So then, we did another song called legendary featuring Cee Lo Green dedicated to George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner.

So I’m in my zone for three, four weeks recording, editing, casting locations, scouting, managing crews, Covid testing, under a lot of f***ing pressure, and my wife knew everything every step of the way because I wasn’t on location working I brought all this energy home.

So one night, as I was on my way to the basement for another editing session, she stops me in the kitchen. I’m moving she said, ‘Babe babe babe.’ I said, ‘What’s going on?’

She said…

I said, ‘Babe, they waiting on me downstairs what’s happening?’

She says, ‘Are you not attracted to me anymore?’…

I looked at her and I said, ‘Baby, what are you talking about?’…

You can’t question what’s going on and how much stress I’m under during all that I’m carrying. First of all, I’m about to release a video that has four people that passed away.

I’m more concerned about the backlash that might come if I don’t get this right. George Floyd, Eric Garner, Trayvon, and Briana, most people is doing videos trying to shed light on just George Floyd. I put four in there…

And so instead of me having a wife that says I understand the assignment, I understand what God has put on you, what you’re doing on behalf of the movement, she made it about her.

I gave you 10 full months of date night, and uninterrupted love, and magic, and energy pouring into my marriage. I was doing this for three weeks. 

So I left town after them videos, which again one of them featured her as my leading lady.

I go to New Jersey to work on my first film. We were arguing about me being busy before I left, which never happened for 10 months. Just happened for three weeks.

I go to New Jersey to work on this movie we still arguing…  She said, ‘I’m leaving!’

I said, ‘What do you mean?’ Because I never heard her say that that way because we do know the difference when you mad, saying some sh*t cause you mad, you know, we all say sh*t we don’t mean when we mad, but I heard something different in her voice.

And I left my movie set three hours before I was supposed to wrap because it was the last flight out. They threatened to sue me for 750 grand because I was supposed to be in all of those scenes, but it was the last direct flight from Jersey to Atlanta.

And I said, respectfully, ‘F*** you! Nothing matters more than my family and my marriage’… and my wife is telling me she’s going to leave me and I need to get home and do whatever it takes to make sure she don’t leave me.

My daughter was one years old at the time. My family is all I had. So as I was in the airplane, she somehow got wind of the fact that I was flying home. She had seven people to show up to the house, she covered up the Ring camera with a Covid mask, so I didn’t see or get any notifications, she grabbed 50 boxes, packed up all of her sh*t, she took my baby, and never came back…

During the interview, Tyrese Gibson details the child abuse claims he had to fight, the psych meds that he was on that caused him to embarrass himself, Will Smith and Jada Smith, and Dr. Dre with his online rants.

Watch the Tyrese Gibson Interview from “Sway’s Universe” below:

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