Mona AKA Don’t Call Me White Girl Tells Why She Didn’t Shout Out Her Braider On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Comedian and viral social media sensation DaMona, aka Don’t Call Me White Girl, recently responded to the backlash she received for not shouting out her hairstylist on “The Breakfast Club.”

Mona recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” as a guest co-host, and Charlamagne brought up that he gained a new respect for her because she spent 16 hours getting her hair braided before the show.

Mona explained that she got extended micro braids done, and the braids cost her $1500. She said her hairstylist braided her hair for 16 hours straight with no breaks.

When Charlamagne asked her if she wanted to shout out her hairstylist, she replied, “Hell no! We paid for this.”

Watch the clip of Don’t Call Me White Girl talking about getting her hair braided for 16 hours below:

After receiving backlash for not shouting out her hairstylist on the show, Don’t Call Me White Girl explained that as an influencer she gets paid to promote people’s businesses, and she felt since she paid for the service that it didn’t warrant a shout-out.

She also made it clear that the hairstylist is booked and busy, and she had no problem with not being shouted out on the air.

Don’t Call Me White Girl did admit that she shouted out her hairstylist on her Instagram, which can be seen in the IG post above.

Watch the clip of Mona responding to the backlash on “The Breakfast Club” below:

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