Dieunerst Collins Tells How A Meme Got Him His Deal With Popeyes

Dieunerst Collins recently appeared on “Tamron Hall” and explained how he finessed a meme into a sponsorship deal with Popeyes.

The now famous meme came from a picture taken, by a stranger, of Dieunerst when he was 9 years old waiting in line at a Popeyes in New Jersey, while his dad and his little brother were in the bathroom.

Dieunerst said he remembers that day like it was yesterday, and he told exactly how the meme came to be.

Yeah, remember it like it was yesterday.

Actually, we were getting food with my dad and my little brother for my family, and um, you know, we got our food, they gave me the cup, went to go get some sweet tea, they to the bathroom out of nowhere., you know…

And a person walks in, have a good time, walks in starts recording, I’m looking at him, like, ‘are you recording me, or are you recording the person behind me?…’

I’m looking, I’m like, ‘there’s nobody behind me so who are you recording?…

The picture taken in 2013 turned into a viral meme, that even Tamron says she uses to this day.

On January 8, Dieunerst who now plays college football for Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio, decided to capitalize off the meme that so many people have used over the years.

He won a state championship at East Orange High School in Essex County, New Jersey, before going to college. 

So he posted a side-by-side pic of the viral Popeye’s pic with a pic from his state championship, along with the caption, “I NEED EVERYONE TO REPOST THIS AND TAG @popeyes I JUST WANNA TALK BUSINESS.”

Dieunerst said after he made the post Popeyes responded in less than 24 hours.

…Less than 24 hours.

Actually, before they started, like, signing me they said, ‘Hey we actually want to work with you.’

You know, I wanted to know the details before, you know, just put pen on paper, right?…

So ah!… I know a little something about this business… I know a little something!

So as soon as they told me that I said, ‘Hey if I like it, pen and paper, I’m on there.

So, literally, a couple of days later, send me something, like what I see, ink on the paper.

Popeyes signed Dieunerst Collins to a NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deal, which allows them to use his name, image, and likeness for marketing and promotional endeavors.

Watch the Dieunerst Collins interview on “Tamron Hall” below:

Congratulations to Dieunerst Collins and his family!

We wish you all the best in your college career.

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