Roxsana Diaz, A New Jersey Art Teacher, Responds To Critics Of Her Viral Classroom Picture

Roxsana Diaz went viral after a classroom picture of her was posted, but critics claimed she should not be in a classroom teaching children because of her curvy physique.

Roxsana said the picture was posted about a year ago, and it started going viral long after the picture was taken.

She said she discovered the picture from people tagging her, and at first, she thought the picture was funny in the sense of people taking pictures and making memes out of them.

She said the people that were tagging her showed a lot of support in the beginning, and she thought she was promoting body positivity in a professional environment.

In the beginning, when people were tagging me, in these things, there was a lot of positive.

I’m thinking I’m doing something, as far as like, yeah I look great, let me show curvy women how to dress appropriately in the school.

When the tabloids got a hold of the picture, they flipped the narrative and people tried to get her fired.

It became a concern when the tabloids turned everything into something ugly versus look at this curvaceous beautiful teacher, look how she can dress, being turned into, she should not be a teacher, she should be a stripper, she should be a bartender, she should be a porn star.

Roxsana said she was approached by the school administration when things turned ugly, but the media’s biggest argument was that she dressed inappropriately, which she debunked by stating she volunteered at the school for seven years before taking the teaching position dressing the way she was dressed in the viral picture. 

Jolea Ardnt, the parent that took the viral picture, says she took it to show the good that was going on at the school because her kids loved it there.

Honestly, it was like an innocent thing.

It wasn’t, you know, to expose or make something bigger than what it was.

It was just, like, oh okay I’m a parent, I’m in the classroom I see all this good going on, you know, my kids love it here…

So, it was just one of those things.

Jolea said she did feel bad when she started seeing the negative responses from the photo, and she said she is one of the parents that started snapping and defending Roxsana.

Yeah, I’m one of the parents that hopped on and started, like, defending her, and snapping, and you know…

Doing what I felt like was right, like, for them to, like, not bash her because of her body, and, like, appreciate her because of the good job that she is doing with the kids.

Roxsana made sure to clarify that the picture that Jolea took was of the entire classroom and not just her.

The photograph that she took is of the entire classroom.

It is not only of me, but it has been cropped over and over and over and over again to the point that it’s, like, oh she has her bum in this child’s face.

It is an entire classroom!

Roxsana Diaz has turned her pain into creativity with the creation of a digital children’s coloring book called “Little Buddy Meets The Art Teacher.”

Yeah, so I had made little buddy… Little buddy is a tool that I use with, specifically, Pre-K, first, and second grade.

Little Buddy is…  that’s Little Buddy with the hoodie.

So these are the characters I’ve been using for years with my children.

I had puppets, they were lost now, I don’t know what happened to my puppets.

But, I use them with the kids so they can express themselves and it’s something that I use as a tool because art is not only drawing, and coloring, and cutting, and pasting, art is a tool used for therapy, and healing, and growth, and fixing.

Watch the video of Roxsana Diaz on the “Tamron Hall” show below:

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