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COVID-19 has a rare complication known as priapism (long-lasting erection), and a 69-year old Ohio man experienced priapism from a bad case of the Coronavirus.

The anonymous man was admitted to Dayton, Ohio’s Miami Valley Hospital. He was obese and his symptoms included severe breathlessness, inflammation, and fluid build-up in his lungs. He was sedated before he was placed on a ventilator, but his condition continued to get worse.

After 10 days, his lungs began failing, and he was turned face down to help air better move throughout his body.

After 12 hours, medics turned him face up and noticed that he was erect.

They tried, unsuccessfully, to relieve the erection with an ice pack.

After three hours of being erect, the medics decided to drain the man’s penis of blood with a needle, which eased the erection.

The erection did not reoccur, but unfortunately the man died of lung failure.

Doctors believe the Coronavirus caused blood to clot in his penis from an immune overreaction called a “cytokine storm.”

This is proof positive that medical professionals are still baffled by the Coronavirus, no vaccine for me!

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Source: Fox News