Shemar Moore Reveals That He Tried To Holler At Alicia Keys

Shemar Moore recently recalled the time he tried to shoot his shot at Alicia Keys during an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

I tried to get at Alicia Keys, I ain’t gonna lie…. I tried!

I’ve told this story from time to time, but the short version of it is, I saw her at the Soul Train Awards, I was in my dressing room.

I looked at the monitor, there she was with her cornrows, and this is when her song “Fallen” when she was first blowing up, she was getting ready to explode.

So, she’s playing the piano doing her thing, and my favorite instrument is the piano.

So, fast-forward about four months, she’s having a listening party here in LA.

So me and my homie, I was like, ‘Yo Alicia’s performing, we gotta go we gotta go!’

So someone else was performing, she’s on the rooftop so I go up on the rooftop and I’m like, I get up the nerve and my boy’s like, ‘Go do it, go come on, go go go go!’

So I go over there I go, ‘Hey Alicia, so check this out I mean you’re wonderful and the piano is amazing. I don’t know what your man situation is like, but if you’re ever in LA I’d love to take you for a drink.’

And her aunt was listening just laughing and snickering, and I’m, you know, I’m taking everything in me to do this.

And she goes…

Watch the clip below of the Shemar Moore interview on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” to find out how Alicia Key’s responded:

In other Shemar Moore news… the 52-year-old “S.W.A.T.” star recently welcomed his first child, baby girl Frankie Moore, with his girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon.

Do you recall a time you decided to shoot your shot and missed the basket?

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