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Tamron Hall Called Off An Engagement Because She Nearly Drowned & Her Fiancé Didn’t Move

Tamron Hall Says She Called Off An Engagement While On Vacation Because She Nearly Drowned & Her Fiancé Didn't Move

Tamron Hall shared a story on “The Breakfast Club” from years ago about her calling off an engagement because her fiancé, at the time, did not attempt to save her from drowning.

I was once engaged to a man, and we went on vacation together, and we parasailed.

And we were out in the ocean, in Cozumel or somewhere.

This was many years ago, and the parasail snapped.

I can’t swim. I flew into the ocean.

He was still on the boat!

I called off the wedding.

To add insult to injury Tamron Hall said that he used to be a lifeguard.

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