love is blind season 5 - stacy vs johnie

Episodes 8 and 9 of “Love Is Blind” Season 5 will drop on Friday, October 6 on Netflix, and I’ve got a first look at the spicy exchange between Izzy’s pod boos, Stacy and Johnie.

You may recall that when they were in the pods, Stacy kept her pod connection close to the vest while the other women were coming back from their pod dates spilling tea or in shambles. 

While in the pods, Izzy had a connection with Johnie and he also had a connection with Stacy.

Johnie risked it all for Izzy and ended her relationship with Chris – who was ready to propose – leaving him heartbroken.

Then, Izzy hit Johnie with the hee and ultimately chose Stacy.

Stacy - Izzy - Love Is Blind Season 5
Photo: Monty Brinton/Netflix

That’s when Johnie tried to spin the block and rekindle her connection with Chris, who declined to propose, but later hooked up with her after a chance meeting at the airport.

When the Season 5 cast reunited in Houston for a barbecue, Stacy and her menacing brows didn’t hesitate to let Johnie know that she was a “s*** person!”

Watch the clip below. 

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5

The fifth season of the cultural hit reality series returns with a new group of Houston singles ready to hit the pods and find love. 

As the experiment continues to expand, each participant’s individual journey, emotional growth, and ability to embrace a new approach to dating is key — whether they find love outwardly or within. 

In the most shocking season yet, the singles face new challenges, unexpected twists, and surprising turns that will test their personal resolve, and the strength of their connections, more than ever before. 

Even if the couples can forge a strong enough bond to get engaged sight unseen, can their love survive the challenges waiting for them in the outside world — including protective families, skeptical friends, and the exes they thought they’d left behind?

So far, “Love Is Blind” Season 5 has been one for the books!

Have you been watching this season? If so, which couple(s) are you rooting for?

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