Stephen Perkins killed by Decatur Alabama police
Courtesy of the Perkins Family

Decatur, Alabama police shot and killed Stephen Perkins outside of his home on Friday after a tow truck driver tried to illegally repossess his car.

In the wee hours of the morning on Friday, September 29, a tow truck driver went to the Perkins home to repossess a vehicle claiming they were behind on the payments. 

Stephen allegedly confronted the tow truck driver and demanded that he leave his car alone. 

The tow truck driver left and called the police claiming Stephen pulled a gun on him.

When the tow truck driver and police returned to Stephen Perkins’ home, he was shot seven times by law enforcement and killed within minutes. 

The Decatur, Alabama police are accused of not making themselves known or following protocol at the Perkins home. 

The officers recklessly fired bullets into the home across the street from Stephen Perkins. 

Justin Shepherd told WAFF, “I feel that this was reckless and sloppy. For this many bullet holes to be in my home while I’m sleeping, I’m afraid to go to sleep at night knowing that people can shoot my house up with immunity.”

Stephen’s cousin, Marquinn Bergins, who is a former Decatur police officer, said he does not believe the officers followed protocol.

He says the security footage and the police statements aren’t adding up.

An officer yells a few commands while simultaneously shooting,” Bergins said. 

That’s not how officers handle that. You never gave him an option.”

Bergins says in the video, officers create a perimeter before making contact with Perkins. He says that doesn’t make sense.

To set a perimeter like that takes strategizing,” Bergins said. “That’s not something you do as you walk up on the scene and do. You are positioned so that if shots are fired. You’re not receiving any crossfire so they positioned themselves in that manner.

State investigators are currently looking into the shooting. They say they can’t release any information until the investigation is complete.

Protests have erupted in Decatur, Alabama as the Perkins family and the community call for transparency, answers, and justice.

And for the record…receipts show that Stephen Perkins made his car payment.

The family has obtained national Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt to represent them.

Lee took to social media writing: 

THEY AMBUSHED HIM! ➡️ Steve Perkins went to his front yard to investigate why the dog was barking in the early morning hours of Friday September 29, 2023. You can see him appear in the top right-hand corner of the second slide shining a flashlight.

What he didn’t know was that a tow truck driver had conspired with several officers to quietly surround his property. This was, in fact, why his dog was barking.

In a matter of seconds, the men hidden in the dark surrounding his property revealed themselves and simultaneously opened fire. He never had a chance to surrender. Officers didn’t announce their presence until the very last moment.

Steve was committing no crime. Officers surrounding Steven in his front yard fired over a dozen rounds striking him seven times— killing him. They later discovered the attempted repossession was a mistake.

See his original post below. 

Lee Merritt described Steve as a “family man— a girl dad— proudly raising two daughters, 14 & 7 years old. He was a devoted husband, a gym enthusiast, and a hardworking manager at JM Smuckers pet food manufacturer.”

He also issued the following call to action:

Morgan County Prosecutor Scott Anderson needs to understand how important accountability is to our community. Will you help me get his attention?

Call or write his email. Be respectful. Tell him that these officers need to be arrested before the case is presented to a Grand Jury.

Tell him we demand a swift and vigorous prosecution. Let him know our community is not going to move on from this. We demand justice.

(256) 351-4610

See the original post below. 

My sincerest prayers and condolences go out to the family of Stephen Perkins.


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Source: AP News

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