Dak Prescott recently added a lot of swag to his teammate’s sneaker game by gifting them a pair of the soon-to-be-rereleased Cool Grey 11s.

The shoes were originally released in 2001 and they represent Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA with the Washington Wizards.

They were rereleased in 2010, and the third public rerelease is slated for this Saturday (December 11).

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jabril Cox showed off his pair on social media along with a short thank you note to Dak.

Dak wrote on the note on the box, “Thankful for you this holiday season,” and he also signed the note.

Dak Prescott became the highest paid NFL player on the Jordan Brand roster this year so the shoes may have been comp, but it’s still an amazing gesture.

The cool greys retail for $225, but the resellers will more than likely run the price up to $400 – $500.

Shouts out to Dak Claus!

Source: TMZ