A couple was arrested for starting a fight at a Locust Grove, Georgia, McDonald’s over a pack of Splenda artificial sweetener.

The incident took place on November 23, and the video has gone viral.

According to investigators, Marshall and Crystal Wallace were told that they would have to go inside the restaurant to get a pack of Splenda.

In the video, the couple is at the drive-thru window with the passenger door open.

Crystal, who is on the passenger side of the car, throws something at the drive-thru window trying to hit the McDonald’s employee, and the McDonald’s employee retaliates by throwing a drink back at her.

The drink splashes across the car, which appears to set Marshall off.

Marshall then jumps out of the driver’s side of the car and starts banging on the drive-thru window screaming and cussing.

Marshall and Crystal get back in their car, pull up to clear the path in front of the drive-thru window, and then get out and continue to try to fight the McDonald’s employee through the drive-thru window.

The video then transitions to the inside of the restaurant, and a man is seen picking up a chair and throwing it, allegedly hitting a manager in the leg.

A McDonald’s employee is heard going off inside the restaurant throughout the altercation.

Watch the wild video below:

Crystal Wallace was charged with simple assault, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct.

Marshall Wallace was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and simple battery.

The couple was arrested Tuesday (December 7) at a traffic stop in Walton County, and they both are currently in custody at the Henry County Jail.

Watch the 11 Alive news report below:

All that for some Splenda…

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta