Dahlia Daure Thanks The News & The Sheriffs Office For Removing A Squatter From Her Home

Dahlia Daure who is a Lt. Colonel in the Army and a homeowner in Dekalb County, Georgia, was told that it would take months to get a squatter removed from her house until her story was aired on the news and the Sheriff’s office got involved.

Dahlia was on active duty in Chicago when she found out from her real estate agent, who was making final preparations to sell the Georgia home, that a squatter had moved in.

They had already secured a buyer for the home, and it was under contract until convicted criminal Vincent Simon moved in, claiming he had a valid lease.

He moved his belongings in, including his dogs, and he even put up Beware of Dogs signs in the windows.

Dahlia Daure went to the police, who told her it was a civil matter and she would have to go through the eviction process.

She was told that the squatter has the right to respond to the eviction notice and have the case heard by a judge.

Dahlia expressed her frustration with the situation on the news.

I can’t ask them to leave. I can’t put them out…

I want to go shoot out the windows, turn off the water, cut wires, but I can’t.

Because there is a law called Self Help, that’s a crime, I’m a law-abiding citizen, I can’t do that.

Watch the “Channel 2 WSB-TV” news report below:

A week after the above story was aired on the news, Dahlia was contacted by the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office, who told her they would circumvent the months-long eviction process with an Intruder Affidavit.

They carried out the Intruder Affidavit, and Vincent Simon was evicted from her home and arrested.

Dahlia Daure credits the news reporter Justin Gray, who reported on her initial story, for getting the Sheriff’s Department involved and getting her home back.

If it wasn’t for Channel 2, Justin Gray, I wouldn’t be here today.

And I’m truly grateful.

Watch the follow-up “Channel 2 WSB-TV” news report below:

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