Sheriff’s Office Investigating Viral Video Of Student Attacking Teacher In Conyers, Georgia

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s office in Conyers, Georgia is investigating the viral video of a student attacking a teacher and breaking her leg at Heritage High School.

Reportedly, the injured teacher will have to undergo rehabilitation for her injuries.

The attack took place on January 26, 2023.

The video shows the student arguing with the teacher inside the classroom, knocking a phone out of her hand and pushing her.

The teacher appears to walk out of the classroom to go get help.

The student then slams the door on the teacher, and the teacher turns around, and a fight ensues.

Watch the video of the student attacking the teacher inside the classroom below:

The fight goes out into the hallway, and the tussle results in the teacher ending up with a broken leg.

Georgia Federation of Teachers President Verdaillia Turner says she was angered when she saw the video on Monday.

She believes the violence is directly linked to the shortage of teachers.

There is no excuse for the violence. 

There is no excuse for children who are coming to our schools daily and wreaking havoc so others cannot learn.

When we search the web and just google student assaults on teachers we’ll see numerous assaults across the country.

And the city and the state, we are in a state of emergency, and right now we need zero tolerance.

A spokesperson for Rockdale County Public Schools released the following statement:

RCPS (Rockdale County Public Schools) does not tolerate student violence towards any staff members. Students who harm other students or staff will be disciplined according to our Student Discipline Code of Conduct and will be appropriately charged by law enforcement. We will adhere to personnel and student privacy laws in this matter.

It is unknown what disciplinary action the student will face, and there is no word on any criminal charges, but the investigation is active on ongoing.

Watch the FOX 5 Atlanta news report below:

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