Kendra Nance Faces Criminal Charges For Wild Gas Station Fight & Car Crash In Chicago

Kendra Nance has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, and she now faces criminal charges for two wild car crashes at a Chicago gas station.

The chaotic incident took place Sunday (April 16) at Thortons’ gas station located at 601 Harlem Ave., in Forest Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

According to Forrest Park police, Kendra was fighting with her boyfriend at the gas station and other people got involved.

She then started arguing with two other females.

Reportedly, her boyfriend tried to remove the key from the ignition of the Ford Explorer they arrived at the gas station in, while she was behind the wheel arguing with a female who was daring her to hit her car.

Kendra pressed on the gas while her boyfriend was still trying to remove the key from the ignition, dragged him a few feet through the gas station as he clung to the driver’s side door, hit a red van, and continued to drive recklessly onto the street.

She then hit a vehicle on the street, which caused the Ford Explorer she was in to flip upside-down.

The impact of the vehicle flipping upside down broke out the windows.

Kendra, who didn’t appear to be phased by either accident, emerged from the Explorer through the driver’s side window and started laughing and taunting the women she was arguing with at the gas station.

She then climbed back in the vehicle to retrieve her belongings, and she and her boyfriend attempted to escape on foot.

See the video that’s been circulating social media platforms below:

Reportedly, they were caught by police a block away, and Kendra Nance was arrested.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during this chaos.

Kendra was charged with felony criminal damage to property, two counts of aggravated assault, driving without a valid license, and reckless driving, among other charges. 

Eyewitness Jae Mills, who was with his family at the gas station, recorded the incident on his phone.

See Jae Mills’ footage in the “FOX 32 Chicago” news report below:

See the “CBS Chicago” news report below concerning Kendra’s charges and her day in court:

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