A Woman On TikTok Claims To Be Diamond Bradley Whose Been Missing Since 2001

Diamond Bradley and her older sister Tionda Bradley were 3 and 10 years old when they disappeared from their family’s Chicago home in the summer of 2001, and recently a woman on TikTok is claiming that she is Diamond Bradley.

The search for the sisters nearly 22 summers ago is said to be one of the largest missing children searches in Chicago history.

The sisters vanished from their mother’s third-floor apartment after being left alone, and they were never found.

A 20-second TikTok video of a Texas woman claiming to be Diamond Bradley has restored hope in the girl’s great aunt Sheilah Bradley-Smith.

I’m looking at this video like, ‘What is this?’

Aunt Sheilah said they’ve had about 12 girls claiming to be Diamond over the years, but they were easily dismissable.

She says she has a different dynamic of hope with this claim because the Texas woman appears to be eager to tear down the doors of the FBI to prove who she is.

The FBI informed Sheilah that they took a DNA test and fingerprints from the woman.

The Texas woman told Sheilah that she can’t recall much about her older sister Tionda.

She said she kind of remembers her, but she does remember they were in a car.

And when she woke up in the place where she was living, she never saw her again.

The family is awaiting DNA results.

In the TikTok video, a person says, “This is Diamond Bradley. Can I see your scar?…”

The camera zooms in on the forehead of the woman claiming to be Diamond to show the scar.

3-year old Diamond Bradley was known to have a scar on her forehead.

Watch the “CBS Chicago” news report below:

See the TikTok video below:

Prayerfully, the DNA results prove that the Texas woman is Diamond Bradley.

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