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A Chicago lash tech is raising funds to replace her vehicle after one of her clients set her car on fire because she couldn’t get an appointment. 

Marcella Orr took to Instagram and shared shocking security footage that allegedly shows her client dousing her car with an accelerant before lighting a match sending the car up in flames.

She also shared screenshots of the text message exchange between herself and her client who appeared to be desperate to lock down an appointment after going a month without getting her lashes done.

The client also noted in the text exchange: “Every time it’s time to do my lashes you do some lame a— s—!

Marcella responded saying she already had two clients there and one on the way. 

When subsequent texts from the client went unanswered by Marcella Orr, the client offered the following threat: 

Matter fact. Ion neeeee no response. Ion want my s— did.

But I gave you a pass for playing with me only cus I was pregnant.

Yo a— don’t get no pass this time b—. You just had me drive here like Ima goofy. This not that b—.

From the looks of it – the client made good on her threat.

See Marcella’s post below with the security footage and text exchange.

Marcella has launched a GoFundMe with a fundraising goal of $50,000 to replace her vehicle.

The pitch on the fundraiser reads: 

Hey my name is Marcella Orr. I’m single mom & Chicago lash tech. Unfortunately, my car was recently set on fire by a client that couldn’t be serviced due to my fully booked schedule..

I appreciate and value all my customers so under normal circumstances I would have tried to squeeze her in however I was also preparing to attend a women’s empowerment conference the very next morning.

I’ve stayed silent and tried to process this in my own way but the act someone destroying something that was worked so hard for has me loss for words.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Marcella’s plight of having her car set on fire by a client has garnered a lot of reactions on social media. 

Masika Kalysha commented, “Ikyfl catching an arson charge over yo lashes is WILD!”

Someone else commented, “Folks justifying someone burning up someone’s car and violently attacking them IS the problem here. Arson, violence, abuse are NOT appropriate responses when you don’t get your way, don’t like someone, etc. VIOLENCE & DESTRUCTION of others’ property are NOT REASONABLE NOR LEGAL SOLUTIONS!! Geez! Is everyone okay?”

Another person wrote, “That was deeper than sum lashes n it sounded like strong animosity💯”

I’m sending a special prayer up for everyone who provides a service and/or works directly with the public because this is insane! 

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