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Chrisean Rock is facing criminal charges and a lawsuit for her alleged unprovoked attack on James Wright Chanel last November. 

James Wright Chanel Files Lawsuit Against Chrisean Rock

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The Los Angeles Times reports James Wright Chanel filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (Feb 6) in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing Chrisean Rock of assaulting him backstage at a Los Angeles show and then calling him a homophobic slur. 

The lawsuit states Chrisean, whose real name is Chrisean Malone, was upset because she thought she was supposed to perform a rap at Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War Tour” at Club Novo on November 10, 2023. 

James Wright Chanel believed Chrisean was only supposed to take part in a dance performance at the end of the show. 

According to the lawsuit, Chrisean Rock became upset with James and struck him several times in the face, breaking two of his teeth. 

As Chrisean Rock was being pulled out of the dressing room where the alleged assault occurred, she began calling James Wright Chanel homophobic slurs and said she would hit him again, the lawsuit states. 

James went to the hospital afterward where he was treated for two broken teeth and cuts on his face. 

Wright’s attorney, Kevin Anderson, said, “She hit him multiple times in the face for no reason at all. We were surprised that she was able to leave the facility that night. She had on rings that were pretty much equivalent to brass knuckles.”

Chrisean Rock Faces Criminal Assault Charges 


In addition to the lawsuit, a criminal case was filed against Chrisean Rock in January in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The reality TV personality and rapper is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery. 

The date of the incident is the same as the night she allegedly attacked James Wright Chanel. 

Tamar Braxton Says James Wright Chanel Was ‘Traumatized’ By The Attack

Tamar Braxton (2)
Tamar Braxton via Instagram

Days after the alleged attack, Tamar Braxton took to social media to speak out and confirm her friend and backup singer James Wright Chanel was indeed attacked and he is traumatized by it. 

Many have laid the blame for this incident at Tamar’s feet because she invited Chrisean to be a part of her show but didn’t make the expectations clear. 

Chrisean is someone I invited. She’s someone I looked at from afar as a sister. We’re both from Baltimore. I knew she was rowdy. I didn’t judge her because of that,” Tamar said.

Who Is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock, a reality TV star, rapper, and Baltimore native, gained notoriety for social media antics rather than her talent.

She is a mom to her five-month-old son, Chrisean Jr., who she shares with rapper Blueface

Blueface is currently incarcerated for violating his probation in a 2021 assault case.

To prove her allegiance to him, Chrisean recently got a portrait tattoo of Blueface on her face. 

Chrisean Rock via Instagram

Imagine having to face a judge for assault when you have someone convicted of assault tattooed on your face. 

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