Michael Blackson, Mo'Nique via Instagram

Today, in “No One Asked You” NewsMichael Blackson took to social media to say Mo’Nique was wrong for mentioning Kevin Hart in her “Club Shay Shay” interview. 

Mo’Nique Says Kevin Hart Ghosted Her During A Major Deal

Mo’Nique, Kevin Hart via Instagram

During her conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Mo’Nique recalled how Kevin Hart promised he would partner with her on anything she needed. 

But, when she had a deal on the table to get her talk show back, Kevin’s manager called the company and said the comedian and actor wanted “nothing to do with Mo’Nique.” 

Mo’Nique said she reached out to Kevin Hart to find out what was going on.

He explained it away as a simple “miscommunication” and said he would follow up with her in a few days. 

She hasn’t heard from him since…it’s been two years.

Watch as Mo’Nique talks about it below. 

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Michael Blackson Says Mo’Nique Is Wrong 

Comedian Michael Blackson, who admitted Mo’Nique has been nothing but good to him, took to Twitter to criticize her for mentioning Kevin Hart in her “Club Shay Shay” interview. 

In a series of tweets, Michael wrote: 

I love Monique, she’s one of the most talented and hardest working woman on the planet.

I met her back in the day on the set of Russell Simmons def comedy jam, we taped the same show but my mines didn’t air but I’ll explain why later.

After my performance Monique came to me and told me how funny I was and asked me to come headline her comedy club she had in Baltimore.

I loved her for that, we later worked on HBO snaps together and even did some HBO snaps tour together.

She’s the best big sister you can have.

As much as I love Monique as a big sister I think she was wrong for mentioning Kev in her interview.

Me and Kev has bumped heads in the past but WRONG is WRONG. I will explain.

Monique even said in her interview how Kev invited her to his podcast 2 yrs ago when no one was f—ing with her.

He even wrote her a check when she was down plus he even made phone calls to some of the people she had issues with but that didn’t work.

At some point Kev’s manager got involved but a manager’s job is to keep his client out the bulls— and that’s what Dave Becky did.

Monique, You can’t say Kev didn’t try to help you.

Monique called Kev a gate keeper but the neega tried to open the gate for her and they told that midget neega mind your business.

She should had thanked him for trying.

Shay Shay mentioned the word gatekeeper and then she mentioned Kev, I don’t think in this situation he was a gatekeeper because he tried to open the gate but the gate was too tall lol. 

Ghost or not  Sheet the neega tried.

You can help someone a million times but that one time you can’t help them is what they will remember.

See Michael Blackson’s original post below. 

Social Media Reactions

The caption of Michael Blackson’s post reads, “Let me know if ya think I’m wrong.” 

And that’s exactly what his commenters did. 

One person wrote: 

You wrong for voicing this publicly about someone who did so much for you.. it’s not even like someone asked your opinion. You just went out your way to publicly go against your “big sister” .. coulda corrected her privately if you thought she was wrong Brody.

Another commenter wrote: 

She gave him his props for that. She also paid him back with interest. She only was stating he told her he was going to call her back and NEVER CALLED and that was 2 years ago… A real friend, brother or whatever would have just called her back and stated, LISTEN MY TEAM DONT THINK ITS BEST WE WORK WITH YOU… Simple.

Read a few more comments below. 

“I think this is exactly what she is talking about. Outta everything she said you chose to respond to this!!!!! Cmon brother.”

“She did thank him and you should mind your business.”

“You couldn’t have watched the interview cause she definitely thanked him smh More and more y’all prove Katt right.”

“Clearly you didn’t watch the whole interview she definitely said she appreciated everything he did but the only thing was Kevin went missing after promising her that he’ll get things fixed . Her point was at least call me and communicate with me on what’s going on it would have definitely be more mature on his part to do so . Again going missing was her issue 💯”

“Michael Blackson calling Mo’Nique the “best big sister you can have” only to turn around and kick her back in over HER experience with Kevin Hart proves Katt Williams was absolutely right about him.”

Do you think agree with Michael Blackson? Was Mo’Nique “wrong” for mentioning Kevin Hart?

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