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Tamar Braxton is finally speaking out and confirming Chrisean Rock assaulted James Wright Chanel at her show on Friday night.

The singer and reality TV star said that she initially wasn’t going to speak on the assault out of respect for James and his trauma.

Tamar went on to say that James “got assaulted at my show and it was by Chrisean. But, there were a lot of events that I believe were misconstrued.”

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The “Love & War” singer said she would not address every single thing, but she did say this: 

I care about my team. They are all of my friends and we put this together for all of the fans. 

I’m not a clout-chaser. I don’t need that. 

I didn’t have an opening act. I knew I didn’t need an opening act because I knew my sister (Toni Braxton) was coming in the middle of the show. 

Chrisean is someone I invited. She’s someone I looked at from afar as a sister. We’re both from Baltimore. I knew she was rowdy. I didn’t judge her because of that. 

Tamar Braxton reaffirmed that she did not invite Chrisean Rock to perform at her show. 

I didn’t call Chrisean to open up for me,” she said.

But, in the very next breath, Tamar admitted that she suggested Chrisean perform her single.

She said she told Chrisean, “Oh, it would be cool if the DJ played ‘It’s A Vibe’ and you come out and did a vibe…

Tamar Braxton went on to apologize to her team and then she thanked Chrisean Rock for her presence and for coming…after she assaulted her friend and backup singer?!

Watch Tamar’s statement below. 

I previously reported Chrisean Rock deactivated all of her social media accounts after the news of the assault began to spread on social media. 

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Before announcing her hiatus, Chrisean claimed a false narrative was being created and shared about what happened.

Tamar Braxton’s hands are dirty in this mess as well. 

She invited Chrisean Rock to the show and suggested she perform. 

Now, James Wright Chanel is left assaulted and traumatized.

After reading a few Twitter reactions to her statement video, Tamar tweeted:

I’m tired y’all. I don’t know about this pt2 tour. We are all hurting and if I didn’t say anything I’m wrong. I said something & I’m lying. I’m tired. Meanwhile James is at the dentist getting new teeth. Y’all leave me alone. I was only trying to show CR love. I still think she needs hugs and real people.💔

A commenter responded:

So you waited until Chrisean deleted her social media to speak out? Seems like it’s a lot of b/s why was she there? Answer the question we all want to know, was she there to perform or not? Cause why would she be there y’all don’t vibe y’all don’t hang out it’s just weird😏

See the tweets below.

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