Chrisean Rock via Instagram

Chrisean Rock has the streets of social media collectively sighing in disappointment after she unveiled her new face tattoo of Blueface

Chrisean proudly displayed her egregious face tattoo via Instagram along with the caption, “#freeblueface free my Daddy I love you papa @bluefasebabyy

See the video of Chrisean Rock’s Blueface tattoo below.

If it feels like we’ve been here before it’s because we have. 

You may recall that Chrisean Rock previously had a tattoo of Blueface on her neck. 

In early December, she documented herself spending a full day to have the tattoo covered up with a rose and her son Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr.’s name.

Unfortunately, all of us are bearing witness to Chrisean Rock going backward and embracing the toxicity that has become woven into the fabric of her being.

On Thursday (January 25), Chrisean proudly announced that she was “moving back with my baby Daddddy.”


The news comes months after she purchased her first home in September 2023.

Blueface is currently incarcerated after violating his probation in connection to a 2021 assault case. 

He was sentenced to serve nearly seven months in jail. 

I guess Chrisean will be there to welcome him home with open arms and a new tattoo.

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