Chrisean Rock is trending on social media after she reportedly assaulted singer James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton‘s “Love & War Tour” on Friday night at The Novo in Los Angeles.

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LeTroy Davis, who is a member of Tamar’s team, took to his Instagram Story completely outraged as he recalled the series of unfortunate events.

He admitted that they extended an invitation to Chrisean to come out and support her fellow Baltimore native, Tamar.

LeTroy added that Chrisean Rock arrived “drunk…with a thousand people smelling like weed…looking dumb!”

But, somewhere along the night signals got crossed and Chrisean Rock thought she was going to be performing.

Before her performance of “Love & War,” Tamar Braxton brought Chrisean out on stage and you could see the brewings of a hot mess ensuing.

She was mad that she didn’t get to perform,” LeTroy Davis said in the video posted on his Instagram Story.

He went on to share that Chrisean Rock was hot as fish grease about not being able to perform and she “stormed into Tamar’s dressing room with a thousand people.”

According to LeTroy, everyone on Tamar Braxton’s team, including James Wright Chanel, began trying to calm Chrisean down and explained that they didn’t know she was a performer.

James reportedly told Chrisean that they didn’t purposefully shade her. He said they sincerely didn’t know that she was expecting to perform.

She responded by telling James to “lie again.” When he began to explain even more, LeTroy said Chrisean Rock punched James Wright Chanel in his face.

She hit James, right in his face…chipped James’ tooth. James’ face is bloody. James is at the hospital right now because his nose will not stop bleeding!”

LeTroy Davis exclaimed, “She’s going to prison!


He also took to his Instagram Story writing:

Y’all need to stop rewarding bad behavior and bad people. I am so disgusted Chrisean came to my show and ASSAULTED James.

She hit James in his mouth. She is disgusting. She deserves the way everybody treats her. She is trash. That ghetto hip hop trass a– girl should have never been there.

She is the bottom of the barrel. I’m so sorry for anyone who had to witness that TRASH tonight. She ruined an amazing night and imma make sure she goes to JAIL.

I hope everything bad that’s supposed to happen to her, does. Everyone has worked they a– off to make this tur happen. and for Chrisean to come and assault James…I’m at a loss for words.

I just want to let y’all know that that girl Chrisean y’all keep hyping up assaulted James Wright Chanel at Tamar’s concert tonight. James is in the hospital.

I swear I will do everything to make sure she goes to prison. She is trash and that’s why her life is the way that it is. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her. 

See LeTroy Davis’ Instagram Story video below.

Prior to hitting the stage, Tamar Braxton was cutting up in her dressing room with Chrisean Rock.

The singer said, “Baltimore b— done linked TF up! Y’all in trouble.”


Oh, the foreshadowing of it all…

Video also surfaced online of the moment Tamar brought Chrisean out on stage with her before performing her timeless hit, “Love & War.”

James Wright Chanel was not amused as Chrisean cut up on stage.

Image via Twitter

Another video surfaced online of Chrisean Rock disrupting Tamar Braxton’s performance of “Love & War.”

James Wright Chanel, who became a viral sensation years ago for his reaction to Patti LaBelle‘s sweet potato pies, has not publicly addressed Chrisean Rock’s alleged assault, but he posted the quote, “God Is.”

Chrisean is trending on Twitter (X) as people react to the incident.

Read a few Twitter reactions below.


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Inviting Chrisean Rock to an event and not expecting a dumpster fire by the end of the night is like inviting a swarm of bees to a barbecue and not expecting anyone to get stung.

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