Twitter Reacts To Chloe Bailey & Chris Brown New Song & Video ‘How Does It Feel’

Chloe Bailey’s team decided to earmuff the backlash the promo pick of her and Chris Brown promoting their new single “How Does It Feel” caused on Twitter and drop the song and video today (February 24) as planned.

A week ago, Chloe Bailey dropped a promo pic of her and Chris Brown embracing to promote the “How Does It Feel” song and video.

The Instagram post started a Twitter war against Chris Brown, causing Chloe’s team, Kiely Williams, Blueface, and Chrisean Rock, to become casualties of war.

The Twitterverse was chirping about how disappointed they were with Chloe’s team allowing an artist with an abusive history toward women to work with her.

Kiely Williams, from 3LW, decided to share her opinion on the Twitter streets, causing Chris Brown to attack her character in retaliation.

Chris Brown went on a Twitter rant from the backlash, calling out White celebrities that have an abusive history with women but have seemingly escaped cancel culture.

He also threw Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s names in his rant stating that people tune in every week to watch them physically fight each other, but it’s deemed entertainment.

Because of all the backlash and fallen dominoes that Chloe’s initial promo post left behind, people assumed that the song and video would not be released.

Chloe’s team stuck to their schedule and released the song and video on Friday (February 24).

Watch Chloe’s “How Does If Feel” video below ft. Chris Brown:

Ironically, a lot of the Twitter thugs that were talking so tough against CB when Chloe released the promo pic now say they like the song.

Scoop some tweets below:

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