Chrisean Rock Is Pregnant & She Says She Wants Twins Or Triplets, But Blueface Wants A DNA Test

Chrisean Rock announced her pregnancy on Blueface‘s birthday (January 20), and the very same day they allegedly broke up, and now he wants a DNA test.

According to Chrisean, they broke up before knowing that she was pregnant, but she said she didn’t do anything with any other dudes, and she is sure that Blueface is the father.

Chrisean was filled with emotions at the doctor’s office as she talked about keeping the baby, having a baby shower, and wanting either twins or triplets.

Watch the footage below:


Welp y’all done spoke up the baby! After 3 abortions, Christian has decided to keep the baby this time ! We don’t know who the baby daddy is but I’m assuming it’s Blueface😒 Congratulation 🎉 #chriseanrock #blueface #babyfever

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Chrisean took to her IG Live to announce that she and Blue broke up, but she says they practically break up every other weekend.

She also said that she would’ve liked a congratulation from him on her pregnancy announcement instead of him denying that the baby is his.

She revealed a lot about their relationship on her IG Live, and by the end, she was prayerful that they would get back together and continue to make money.

One of the most shocking things she said was that all her money goes to him.

I’m a down a** b****, and all my money go to you… How bout that!… Yeah, I said it!

Now, make it make sense before, you know, certain things don’t go the same way and then you be sh*t out of luck.

I love you!… Be blessed.

Watch the clip from IG Live below:

That same day a video surfaced of Chrisean appearing to get in a scuffle with some girls over Blueface, but she tweeted that she was breaking up a fight.

Watch the footage below courtesy of TMZ:

On Blueface birthday he and Chrisean had an unpleasant Twitter exchange concerning her pregnancy.

Scoop some of the tweets below:

Watch Chrisean’s full IG Live below:

Given the situation, it appears a DNA test is pending to reveal if Blueface is truly the father.

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