Over the weekend, Cardi B took to social media to open up about her personal journey with her natural hair.

The Hip Hop star addressed misconceptions about her hair and natural hair in general in the “hair positive” post.

Cardi shared a collection of photos and videos of her hair in various natural states along with the caption:

Why every time I post my natural hair I hear “you’re MIXED you’re supposed to have long hair”?

That’s not true and very misleading. I been posting pics of my hair journey for years and being mixed don’t mean your hair is always long and curly, that wasn’t my case.

Since I was a child I have problems with managing my hair and couple years ago I find different methods that work for me and look at my length now. They’ll try to make us believe our hair won’t grow this long it’s not true.

A lot of hair products we used back then wasn’t good for our hair but that’s all we had to choose from also we couldn’t afford to get to the salon regularly, if at all. now everybody is getting better options, making affordable GOOD products, learning from natural hair YouTube and tiktok about how to care for our hair better.

I want women of color with tighter curl patterns to know that you don’t have “BAD HAIR” there’s no such thing as bad hair . and “good” hair don’t mean a certain texture.


See her original post below.

I love this and it also feels like Cardi B may be announcing her own hair care line in the very near future.

For all of my naturalistas out there – what are your favorite hair care products?