Wyclef Jean was recently hired as entertainment for the Range Rover Leadership Summit and by the end of the night, he had dropped Jaguar Land Rover CEO Joe Eberhardt on the floor.

Wyclef and Eberhardt attended an after-party at the Edition Hotel in West Hollywood, and the party favors must’ve been plentiful because Wyclef is seen on video with Eberhardt on his shoulders slowly spinning him from side to side.

The visual looks insane, but the two guys seemed to be having a ball until Wyclef attempted to put Eberhardt down.

When Wyclef leaned over, Eberhardt’s weight shifted and he fell forward and smacked the ground pretty hard.

Wyclef Jean quickly asked if he was okay and helped Eberhardt up from the ground.

This is a prime example why a man should never have another man’s package on the back of his neck.

Watch the video below:

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Source: TMZ

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