Tems (Photo: NPR Music YouTube)

NPR Music is celebrating Black Music Month in style, starting with a captivating Tiny Desk Concert featuring the gorgeous and talented Grammy Award-winning Nigerian singer-songwriter, Tems.

Known for her sultry voice and magnetic presence, Tems graced the Tiny Desk stage with a set filled with songs from her forthcoming album, Born in the Wild, arriving June 7.


A lot has happened in Tems’ world since her Tiny Desk (home) concert a couple of years ago.

She’s been on a meteoric rise, winning dozens of awards—including a Grammy—and collaborating with industry titans like Beyoncé and penning hits for Rihanna.

These accomplishments have kept her name on everyone’s lips and her music in the clubs.

Tems’ new songs clearly show that she has made the most of her time since her breakout moment a few years ago.

Her performance opened with “Me & U,” setting the stage with her signature blend of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics.

The vibe took a sultry turn with “Ice T,” before moving into the more experimental “Unfortunate.”

This track is a departure from her usual Afrobeats sound, leaning more towards straightforward R&B and showcasing her growth as a writer. 

“Forever” stood out as a powerful display of Tems’ vocal prowess, with her reaching a vocal range that took many by surprise.

But the true highlight of the set was “Love Me JeJe.”

Although the song had not yet been released at the time of the taping, its infectious rhythm pierced the room, sparking an impromptu call and response that had everyone on their feet. 

Reflecting on her performance, Tems shared, “These new songs are very personal to me. They represent my journey, my growth, and everything I’ve learned along the way. I’m excited to share them with the world.


  • “Me & U”
  • “Ice T”
  • “Unfortunate”
  • “Forever”
  • Love Me JeJe

Don’t miss out on this mesmerizing performance.

Enjoy Tems’ Tiny Desk Concert below and witness the magic for yourself.

Happy Black Music Month!

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