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Can you believe Cali Dream Taylor is 13? The Game was completely submerged in his feelings when he took to social media to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, shared a lengthy and heartfelt post to his baby girl where he admitted:

If I could have one wish… it would be to go back in the past & relive all of the moments we’ve shared together just to hold the little you a lot tighter. 

Read The Game’s full birthday post for his baby girl, Cali Dream, below.

I’m late on posting this am because every time I’ve thought of you this morning my eyes swelled up with tears. If I could have one wish… it would be to go back in the past & relive all of the moments we’ve shared together just to hold the little you a lot tighter. How’d we get here so fast ?? How does a little baby who needed me to do every single thing for her grow to be such a beautiful young woman who can do almost everything for herself ??

How’d we go from “Daddy can we go get ice cream” to “Daddy can we go to Van Cleef & get a anklet or necklace” ?? Lol

Where is my 3 year old word for word Beyoncé song singing daughter who would get mad when anyone would interrupt her ?? If she’s somewhere in there still, please tell her I miss her dearly & all the time we spent together. I know I can’t go back so all I have is the memories.. & what beautiful ones we made. Hold on…..

I had to break my post up because I literally couldn’t hold back the tears so I needed a minute to get myself together… I’m back…. and I want you to know that there is nothing on the earth I love more than you California Dream. You are my lifeline & my every waking day is another chance to be an even greater father to you than the day before. My only daughter, my heart & of course my soul…. My best friend & absolute “twin”… I adore you. I’m proud of you & words cannot describe all of the emotion I feel whenever I have a moment to reflect on our journey together.

The father.

The daughter…..

Our endless love… our journey together past, present & future is my biggest joy in life baby.

You are my sun, my moon, my stars, my universe.. & currently my hurricane & my earthquake.

I love you Cali & I know I say it every single time I look into your eyes or hear your voice… but its only because loving you has been the highlight of my life.

Happy 13th Birthday Cali….. & I would say enjoy every moment of your day but I’ll make sure it’s one you’ll never forget,


See the proud papa’s original post below.

In a second post, The Game continued to shower his daughter with birthday love.

The “How We Do” rapper wrote:

Okay, I’m back with more 13th bday love for my best friend/twin.

I love you with everything God gave me & there will never be a second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year that I will not be right by your side…. Especially on days you need it the most.

Being your father is my absolute favorite thing to do in life. I just love it so much & I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for what we’ve built over the last 13 years.

You are the perfect daughter for me. I thank God for you every chance I get.

You are my world. Period.

See The Game’s original post below.

Cali Dream had a 13th birthday she won’t soon forget.

Her daddy took her to the Drake concert and she had the opportunity to go backstage and flick it up!

The Game gushed about how she looked like Zendaya in the photo.

My daughter & my brother look like @champagnepapi & @zendaya in this pic and I can’t un-see it 🤷🏿‍♂️

@calilynndreamtaylor I truly hope I made your 13th bday magical ✨

You are my life.

See the original post below.

The Game welcomed Cali Dream Taylor during his relationship with his ex-fiancée Tiffney Cambridge.

The beautiful young lady is a print and runway model.

I hope she had the best birthday ever!

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