The Game Said He Contemplated Robbing Fabolous, Before Rap

The Game recently appeared on the “Rap Radar” podcast and clarified a verse on his most recent album about robbing rapper Fabolous.

The verse from The Game’s DRILLMATIC Heart vs. Mind album is from the song “Save The Best For Last (feat. Rick Ross),” and it goes:

For my first album, early 2000s, I was with the foolery

Outside the L’Ermitage, could’ve got Fab for all his jewelry

Ain’t even know how to rap yet, I was just a click-clack vet

Go find my ***** AR, ask him if you want to fact check

Y’all heard it first, I ain’t even told Fab yet

This might affect our friendship *****, I even ask yet…

Listen to a snippet of The Game’s “Save The Best For Last (feat. Rick Ross)” below:

Rap Radar podcast host Brian “B. Dot” Miller asked The Game to explain the verse, and he responded:

I had saw Fab outside of this hotel, the L’Ermitage,um, and he was just standing there.

And me and my ***** was like, we used to just wait outside hotels and see who we could, you know,  rob…

I’m, like, just starting to rap, but I ain’t nothing worthy, you know what I’m saying?…

Nah, I’m not signed or nothing like that.

And so, um, and you know, we wasn’t trying to, like, you know, hurt nobody, we was just running ****** for jewels.

And I’m not saying it like… Fab ain’t no punk or nothing like that.

But, um, he was just standing out there. And, you know what I’m saying, I’m like, you know, my ***** was just like, ‘Yo, that’s Fab right there!’

And because I’m like… And imma tell you what happened.

Because it was Fab and I had listened to mother****** “Superman” Lil Mo’s “Superman” and the dah-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah-dah I couldn’t!… No, ****** be laughing, but… when I tell these stories it’s literally like ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ you ever seen that movie?…

It’s just moments in my life that’s, like, just are really just dominant as far as  like remembrance that, like, keep me from doing f*** sh*t sometimes.

So, I was like, ’Nah *****!’ I sat up in my f*****g trap spot and just watched this ***** get his sh*t off on this Lil Mo song, on this video on “106 n Park,” and that’s somewhere that I strive to be so I just… I can’t, I can’t f*** with that!

…And so, what happened was once I actually met Fab through my ***** T. Mills, um, Tracy Mills…

And so, once I met Fab, I’m like ‘*****, this sh*t crazy! Like, he don’t even know, like, I had the the drop!

And anybody could’ve had the drop on anybody.

…But, after that, me and Fab became friends. We did the ‘Compton vs. Brooklyn’ mixtape with Clue.

And then, I went to, ah, New York, and Fab was the first ***** I ever seen in a Bentley coupe, ever!

…In the back of my mind I was always like, ‘Damn, I’m so glad that, you know, I made the decision that I made because I was really, you know, a fan.’

Watch the clip of The Game interview on the “Rap Radar Podcast” below:

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