The Game gets woman to eat out of trash for Balenciaga shoes

What would you do for a pair of Balenciaga shoes?

The Game has launched his own social media show titled, “Anything For The Game,” where he challenges random people to do things in exchange for cash and prizes.

In his first clip, the rapper challenged a woman to dig into the mall trash bin and eat the first thing she finds in exchange for anything she wants out of the Balenciaga store.

She accepted the challenge, dug in the trash can, retrieved what looked like a Starbucks cup with leftover pink fluid in it, and drank it.

Keeping his word, The Game walked her into the Balenciaga store and purchased her a pair of shoes.

Watch the video below. 

I hope she has her co-pay ready because my Spidey Senses are telling me she’s going to be sitting in an urgent care center fresh as hell in her Balenciaga sneakers.

The Game promised more videos are on the way.