Drake Fan Who Tossed Her 36G Bra At Him To Work With Playboy

Veronica Correia, the Drake fan whose 36G bra toss at the Barclay’s Center in New York went viral, was offered an opportunity to work with Playboy.

Veronica Correia is a 21-year-old Drake fan who said she went to his concert with no intention of throwing her bra, but when he walked past her, she decided to throw it at his feet because she felt there was no way he would walk by it.

She said she lost her mind when Drake picked the bra up and said, “ Damn!… 36G… Locate this woman immediately.”

Watch Veronica’s TikTok video below of her  putting her 36G in flight to Drake’s feet:


ITS MEEEEE!!!! A lot of girls posting its them but this is not to get confused its me 😌 #drake36G #36G #itsallablurtour #barclayscenter #Brooklyn #Drake #aubreydrakegraham

♬ original sound – Veronica Correia

Watch Drake’s full reaction below:

Watch Veronica’s reaction to Drake’s reaction below:

Veronica said 36G is her true bra size and that big breasts run in her family. She also stated that she suffers from back pain and upper shoulder pain, and she would not get fake ones her size.

She said Drake reacted to one of her stories about someone describing the bra, but she only responded by loving the comment because she couldn’t figure out how to respond.

Veronica said she never really had any intention of starting an OnlyFans account despite people telling her she should because it would do really well, but when Playboy contacted her through her IG DMs and said if she wanted to apply they would accept her immediately, she did, and they told her they want to speak with her very soon.

Veronica Correai's offer from Playboy.

Playboy now has an OnlyFans-type business model. They no longer make magazines.

Listen to Veronica talk about her experience at the Drake concert and the possibility of working with Playboy below:

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Source: TMZ

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