Storm Reid Expresses Her Love For Zenday: ‘She’s My Fourth Sibling’

Storm Reid, an extremely talented young actress in her own right, appeared on the “Jennifer Hudson Show” and expressed how much she loves and is inspired by Zendaya.

…She is, like, the person I look up to.

And have looked up to since “Shake It Up” so to be able to not only have a full circle moment… a full circle moment, of, like, not only to be able to work with a person I look up to, but, like, she’s my fourth sibling, and my big sis, and I’m so glad to have her in my corner.

And just to see her evolution, just like as a fan of her’s, I’m so proud of the things that she’s doing and how she’s just shaking Hollywood up.

Watch the clip of the Storm Reid interview from the “Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

Storm Reid co-starred alongside Zendaya as her little sister on the HBO hit series “Euphoria.”

Watch a clip compilation below of Storm Reid as Gia Bennett (Rue’s sister) from “Euphoria”:

We look forward to seeing Storm and Zendaya continue to do incredible things in Hollywood.

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