Bryan Barber files 10 million defamation suit against tyrese

Tyrese is dealing with even more fallout from his recent interview on “The Breakfast Club” after he was hit with a $10 million defamation lawsuit for negative remarks he made about Bryan Barber

Who is Bryan Barber? 

Bryan Barber is an incredibly talented music video director and filmmaker hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. 

He’s a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and many of us have come to know and love Bryan from his work with Outkast on classic music videos like “The Way You Move,” “Roses,” “Hey Ya!,” and “The Whole World.” 

Let’s not forget the classic 2006 film, Idlewild, written and directed by Bryan Barber. 

What did Tyrese say about Bryan on ‘The Breakfast Club?’

During Tyrese’s most recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club” he and Charlamagne Tha God were smoothing over their issues about a 2019 interview where Charlamagne said Tyrese “wasted his time.”

I asked Charlamagne The God to come to Atlanta and do a full-on interview with myself and my ex (Samantha Lee) – post the crying video…post all of it.

Tyrese went on to explain the plan for Charlamagne to do the interview (Barbara Walters style) so that he and his wife could “unpack” all of his online antics. 

Bryan Barber…Bryan, the director, who I hired – camera crew, helped me with the lighting, this and that…I was able to get blessed by confirming Charlamagne and I flew him out, flew his executive out that was with him.

I arranged everything I did everything I said I was going to do. This n**** does the f****** interview…says I’m gonna go home and get this s*** edited.

I said, ‘Yo, I’m going to work with you to make sure whatever we want to accomplish in this interview that it doesn’t go over there or over there. 

This n**** has taken the F****** FOOTAGE and refused to give it back! I paid $35,000 total for this whole s***!

Then, I found out he did it to Big Boi, did it to Dallas Austin, did it to a couple of n*****! So, I don’t care if he sees this interview cause I’m too honest.

And now…I got Charlamagne for years now feeling a way about me. Feeling like he wasted his time.

Tyrese added, “We could have did the s*** on my iPhone if I had known a n**** was gone take the f****** footage!

Watch the interview below (42:00 mark).

After watching the interview, Bryan took to his Instagram account to share a few thoughts of his own about the excuses Tyrese made in regards to posting that wild video of him crying online.

The $10 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Bryan Barber has filed a defamation lawsuit against Tyrese seeking $10 million in damages for the statements he made on “The Breakfast Club.” 

Barber, who is the CEO and founder of Pivot Originals, said he and Tyrese agreed the interview would be filmed over a day and both parties “would split (on a 50/50 basis) the revenue derived from the streaming and/or other distribution.”

But, Tyrese later requested a second day of shooting saying that he wanted “B-Roll” footage of him spending time with his wife and their newborn daughter.

Bryan Barber claims it was Tyrese’s management that specifically instructed him not to release any portion of the interview to protect the fragile reputation of the Fast 9 star. 

The document reads, “Gibson refused to adhere to the previous 50/50 revenue split that he and Barber previously negotiated for the CTG Interview.”

Barker says, “The success of Pivot Originals hinges largely on establishing and maintaining trust with original content creators” and Tyrese made the remarks publicly knowing they weren’t true.

He is asking for damages in the amount of no less than $10,000,000 – claiming Tyrese’s remarks constituted slander per se to injuring his profession as a director (and editor/producer) and his business.

Meanwhile, Tyrese is boldly suing the widow of Teddy Pendergrass for the right to his life story for a biopic. 

Whew, Chile….the court docket is hot! 

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