‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Shay Johnson & Her Brother Emjay Confront Fabo About His Baggage & Disrespect

In Season 5, Episode 9, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” Shay Johnson and her brother Emjay confront Fabo about his baggage and disrespectful behavior.

During the episode, word got out on social media that Fabo was engaged to another woman while dating Shay, and he allegedly gifted the other woman’s Tesla to Shay as a push gift.

Shay avoided talking about the Fabo rumors until the end of the episode when she spoke to him directly.

Fabo denied all of the allegations, and he claimed that his alleged fiancée in Milwaukee bought her own ring, and claimed that he proposed to her.

He also denied that the Tesla he gave Shay belonged to his alleged fiancée.

Fabo convinced Shay that his alleged fiancée operates in a space of delusion and that she’s not worth the stress.

Shay said Fabo’s past is his past, and she doesn’t care about what anybody has to say as long as he’s good while he’s with her.

I really don’t care what nobody has to say.

Long as he’s good while he’s with me, right now, moving forward, that’s kind of all I really care about.

Your past is your past.

Shortly after that conversation, Shay’s brother Emjay came over to get some straightening about Fabo disrespecting his mother.

He told Fabo that seeing another man sticking his chest out at his mom made him feel a certain way, and Fabo understood where he was coming from.

But, things took a sharp left turn when Fabo asked Emjay if he didn’t come over to pick up a box and help him move then they don’t have anything to talk about.

Emjay replied he didn’t come over to pick up any boxes. He came over to address his mother getting disrespected. 

Fabo asked him what he wanted to do, and Emjay said he was ready to get down.

Security separated the men from each other to avoid them fighting, and Shay came out of the house and dismissed Emjay telling him that now was not the time and he was embarrassing her.

Shay posted the clip from the episode to her Instagram along with the caption:

It’s the clout chase for me! #Fabo said it “She bought her own ring 💍 to act engaged” 🤷🏽‍♀️ #delusional !!! Also #Emjay had every right to defend our mother #Fabo admitted that. He just looked hot in that sweatsuit doing it! I mean we in MIAMI HEAT!! #FamilyDrama never ends but we will get it together OFF CAMERA 🎥!! #LawyerUp 😉💰

Watch the clip Shay posted to her IG from Season 5, Episode 9, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below.

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