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We are officially one month away from the return of “Belle Collective” and Ice Cream Convos has got the first look at Season 4 for your viewing pleasure.

What is ‘Belle Collective’ about?

Belle Collective” is a  hit reality series featuring six successful and glamorous Southern women from Jackson, Mississippi, who are a dynamic group representing the very best of Black female entrepreneurs in the modern South today.

The Belles include Tambra Cheri, Marie Hamilton-Abston, Aikisha Holly-Colon, Lateshia Pearson, Latrice Rogers, and Sophia O. Williams aka “Sogucci”.

They continue to navigate their businesses, charity work, and the ups and downs of their personal lives all while always looking fabulous and with just the right balance of sweet and spice they are known and loved for.  

What can you expect from Season 4?

In the upcoming episodes, Lateshia Pearson has a lot on her plate. Her brunch tour gets off to a rocky start due to Latrice dropping the F-bomb and seemingly insulting attendees.

When Lateshia confronts Latrice about her bad brunch behavior, their friendship abruptly hits the skids.

Glen also gives Lateshia the flux with his erratic behavior, which she feels is encouraged by Latrice’s husband, Cliff.

Can Lateshia get her marriage and her friendships on track while her businesses are simultaneously taking off? Sogucci and JJ deal with the aftereffects of the altercation with JJ’s ex-wife Selena.

Will this mean the end for the prospect of a happily blended family? 

Meanwhile, Tambra and Demond are finally pregnant!

But after her multiple fibroid surgeries, she’s trying to keep her stress in check since she is high risk.

Can she accomplish this and keep her pregnancy a secret and still be around these Belles?

Also, Tambra’s nemesis, Marie, is organizing an upcoming Lupus Gala while also dealing with her mother, Lula, who still struggles with addiction.

Essie enlists Aikisha’s help for the gala but clashing visions for the fundraiser put the Belles at odds.

Can Marie make this gala a success while also trying to get her mom into rehab?  

The season rounds out with the Belles being invited to the State Capitol to receive a big honor, however, one of them is excluded and the accusations fly.

Will the Collective survive? 

When does ‘Belle Collective’ Season 4 premiere?

Belle Collective” Season 4 is set to premiere on Friday, November 10 at 9/8c only on OWN. 

Watch the supertrailer!

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