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Big Boi has officially divorced his wife of 20 years, Sherlita Patton, according to a final divorce decree entered by the court last month (May 2022).

He stated in his filing that there was “no reasonable hope of reconciliation,” and he and Sherlita had already separated and were living apart.

They both agreed to keep the divorce amicable.

Back in 2016, the couple had a postnuptial agreement, in which they kept the details of their finances private.

Postnuptial Agreementa contract created by spouses after entering into a marriage that outlines the ownership of financial assets in the event of a divorce. The contract can also set out the responsibilities surrounding any children or other obligations for the duration of the marriage.

Sherlita filed for divorce back in 2013, requesting financial support and sole custody of their youngest child, but Big Boi stated she wasn’t getting anything without a fight. 

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By 2014, they reconciled, and Big Boi said “Jesus” kept them together. At the time, he stated, “a family that prays together stays together.”

Popular Atlanta radio station V103 even reported on the reconciliation.

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Unfortunately, Big Boi and Sherlita were not able to salvage their marriage.

We wish them the best in the future.

Source: TMZ