Last week on “Black Ink Crew New York,” Donna was banned from the Black Ink shops, and on this week’s episode (S9 Ep.13), Walt was ousted by Ceaser indefinitely.

Walt had been missing in action since he allegedly robbed the 125th shop, but he reached out to Ceaser after seeing him on tv looking uneasy at his press conference to clear his name of child abuse claims.

At the meet-up, Ceaser expressed to Walt that in all of their years together he never had a fallout with him, but given what’s happened he doesn’t see how their story can continue.

Walt pleaded that things may never get back to where they were, but things could get better.

Ceaser felt with all the stresses he was dealing with in that moment that he couldn’t be around Walt.

Yo Walt!… I can’t do this no more, bro.

I want to wish you the best with everything that you do.

But, Imma tell you now, you ain’t a part of Black Ink no more.

Watch the video clip below:

Ceaser previously told Walt’s wife, Jess, to let him know that he was no longer a part of the crew after the alleged robbery, but this episode of “Black Ink Crew New York” made it real because Ceaser told Walt face to face.

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