Black Ink Crew’s” most shocking storyline this season has been the accusation that Walt robbed the 125th Tattoo shop.

On the most recent episode, Walt’s wife Jess chopped it up with shop owner Ceaser about the robbery.

Earlier in the episode, Walt confessed to his wife Jess that he made a dumb decision and took $5,000 out of the register because he had fallen on hard times financially, but his plan was to put the money back.

Walt said due to COVID, and the shop shutting down he wasn’t able to put the money back, but he was never a part of any robbery.

Jess was visibly upset that Walt stole money instead of telling her about his financial trouble and them working through it together, but she was somewhat sympathetic to him because she said she could relate to making bad decisions when falling on hard times financially.

Walt told her that word on the streets is that he is no longer a member of the Black Ink Crew family, and his former boss Ceaser wants nothing to do with him.

Jess took it upon herself to confront Ceaser and get to the truth of the accusations for herself.

In the video, Jess goes to the Brooklyn tattoo shop and talks to Ceaser about the robbery, and she asked to see the video footage.

After viewing the footage, she said that it was not Walt on the video because Walt is bowlegged and he doesn’t dress like the guy that was on the video.

It definitely did look like Walt on the video footage, but I understand Jess sticking up for her man.

Ceaser told her that Walt worked that day and he didn’t lock up like he normally does at the end of his shift, and if he stole out the register it’s not hard to believe that he robbed the shop.

Ceaser said that he still has love for Walt, but he told Jess to let him know that his services are no longer needed at Black Ink.

Watch the video clip below:

Do you think Jess was wrong for going to the shop to talk to Ceaser?

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