Benzino wants to fight Eminem in a boxing match
Benzino via Instagram

Weeks after weeping over Eminem on an episode of “Drink Champs,” Benzino now wants to fight him in a boxing match.

Benzino on ‘Drink Champs’ (YouTube)

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The former rapper-turned-reality-TV star, whose real name is Raymond Scott, took to Instagram suggesting he could fight Eminem and Stevie J could fight 50 Cent as undercard matches in the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight.


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I previously reported Stevie J. challenged 50 Cent to fight him after the entertainment mogul taunted him about allegations made in Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones Jr.’s lawsuit.

Stevie J, 50 Cent (via Instagram)

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Benzino also noted that he would gladly fight Joe Budden.

I’ll break his jaw for free,” he said on Instagram Live.

Watch the clip below.

We already know Eminem is going to pay Benzino dust, but if he did take him up on the offer – who do you think would win the fight?

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