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Ari Lennox is threatening to sue Joe Budden for his criticism of her online complaints, the most recent being her experience on Rod Wave’s “Nostalgia Tour.”  

I previously reported the “Pressure” singer went online to share how it was “the worst tour of my life.” 

I was never comfortable. I just remember every show, just racing to get off stage, racing to get through my set.

During an episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” the former rapper turned podcaster said:

Anybody that could tour – it’s a blessing. So, don’t think that we’re kicking your back in….

But, if you don’t want to do that show don’t f— tell us!

Tell your team and the people that talk to you for months about this tour coming up with Rod Wave who is selling out arenas nationwide. 

Joe Budden acknowledged that Ari is incredibly talented and even encouraged her to reach out to other successful artists like Jazmine Sullivan to “plan some s—!

I just don’t like you grabbing your phone to tell the audience how miserable you were when you didn’t tell your team or told them and they didn’t really care. 

Ari Lennox, who admitted she hadn’t heard what Joe Budden said about her, took to social media to react to his criticism.

Tell him to stop touching them dogs. Cause I don’t understand why he’s so obsessed. Like why are you so obsessed?

And why were you touching them dogs? Like you’re weird. He’s weird and he’s gross. He has smoke mouth.

He’s disgusting and he’s a failure…like Drake said. Like leave the dogs alone, Joe. I don’t know why he’s obsessed – like everything I do.

There’s a million people to talk about in life. Like I can never just express what’s going on with me without him coming from behind.

I don’t know the trash – the landfill that he lives in – to say something. He always has to say something. And I don’t know why.

Ari Lennox went on to say that she is willing to put up $20,000 to file a lawsuit against Joe if he talks about her again. 

I don’t know what it is or what it will take maybe I have to sue him. Is that what I have to do?

Get on my Cardi B s— like really just spend the bread to shut his smoke mouth up because he’s disgusting and he’s a lame. 

Ari added, “I should literally just drop $20K to sue him. I really should. Just because.” 

The singer went on to praise Joe Budden’s former friend and former podcast cohost Rory for being so awesome and supportive. 

Take a listen below.

And while she was already in the Complaint Corner, Ari Lennox called out Tiny Harris for a backhanded compliment she made about her “range.”

Chile, please let me off at the next station! I can’t ride the Ari Lennox train no more. I’m exhausted.

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

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