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Stevie J is trending in the streets of Twitter after his name was dropped in Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy

In the complaint, filed in New York federal court on Monday (February 26), Lil Rod alleges that Diddy forced him to watch a video of Stevie J having sex with another man. 

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Rod also included screenshots of the video in his lawsuit. 

Stevie J & Lil Rod – From Bros To Opps

At one point, Stevie and Lil Rod considered each other as bros – especially while they were in the studio together.

In October 2023, Rod shared a video of himself and Stevie J in the studio vibing out to his T-Pain collaboration, “Surgical.”

But, the vibe quickly changed when Lil Rod began to speak out about not being properly compensated for his work on The Love Album.

Stevie J commented on one of Rod’s posts writing: 

Post the whole video don’t make it seem like n— sitting around joking on you x you didn’t produce 9 songs on the project.

Adding a piano on a song doesn’t make you the producer adding bass on a song definitely doesn’t make you a producer.

Tell the whole story on how you came in as an engineer, don’t get selective amnesia and don’t try to make the homie look like he stealing from you because clearly I know that ain’t the case! #DZ4Life

‘That Is Not Him…It’s Me’

Gay adult film star Knockout entered the conversation when he took to social media saying the images from the lawsuit that allegedly show Stevie J engaged in a sex act with a man is actually him.

Knockout, whose real name is D’Angelo Marquis, took to Twitter writing, “This is not him it’s me yall really be trying it.

Social Media Reactions

Stevie J is trending as people react to Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ lawsuit and others pull Stevie’s CarFax Report.

Read the tweets below.

Stevie J took to Instagram writing, “I wasn’t that guy the last time x I ain’t never gonna be that guy I’m one of Gods favorites don’t play with my name 💨💨💨😤

See his original post below.

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