Patrick Beverley disrespected Michele Roberts, executive director of the NBA players union, as she was going over financial ramifications of canceling the rest of the NBA season, in Wednesday’s players meeting to discuss the next steps of the NBA boycott.

Sources say that Patrick Beverley told Michele Roberts that he didn’t agree with her logic as she began to talk about the financial ramifications on the players if they decided to cancel the rest of the season.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Michele Roberts was going over the numbers and Pat Bev interrupted her by saying he doesn’t agree with her logic.

Michele then responded that these were potential losses the players would suffer, and Pat Bev. interrupted again.

When Michele asked if she could finish her point, Pat Bev said, “No, I pay your salary”, sources said.

CP3 and Udonis Haslem quickly checked Pat Bev and told him that type of disrespect would not be tolerated.

I’m sure Pat Bev’s mother taught him better than that.