Not too far removed from his entanglement exposure, Will Smith teaches political commentator Angela Rye how to act.

Will talks about roles that he turned down, and defines different forms of acting to prep. Angela.

Will also talks about his experiences with method acting, and how an actor should try multiple acting exercises to see what best fits them.

Will and Angela view a scene from the the classic movie ‘Misery’, and before they reenact the scene he instructs Angela to pull from a defining moment in her career.

Angela also decides to pull from her frustration with her dad roaming these Corona streets.

I found it interesting that Will said, “acting is the human skill for successful relationships”.

I’ll just let that quote marinate for a little while.

All in all, Will Smith is an awesome actor and he gives great advice to Angela Rye and any aspiring actors/actresses out there.

Enjoy the video below:

What is your favorite Will Smith movie?